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Don't let unidentified bylaws ruin your adventure of owning a condo.

Review condo bylaws and rules before you decide on a condo to make sure they suit your lifestyle. If you fail to follow them your condo board will impose repercussions.

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Condominium corporation’s daily operations are governed by bylaws. These bylaws affect the practices of the board of directors, the collection of fees and the creation of rules.

How do bylaws differ from rules?

Rules are an addition to the bylaws. They ensure that the condos are a pleasant place to live.

Who does it impact?


As an owner or renter you must abide by the rules.

Other tenants

No one within the site is exempt from the rules.


The rules must be maintained and enforced on site.


If you need help navigating the complex landscape of rules and bylaws, let us be your guide.

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