Their Home

I trust the board,

to act in my best interests

Courtney Redmond – ATLAS resident

Who is on your

Board of Directors?


must be unit owners
or mortgage lenders

The board of directors is made up of a
group of 3-7 elected adults that manages
the condominium corporation. The
members are elected by the unit owners
yearly. Depending on the location local
bylaws may effect board matters.

Their House.
Your Responsibilities.

The Board of Director’s job is to conduct the condominium corporation’s duties per direction from motion during a meeting of the board that receives a majority of votes from the people resent or their proxy or restrictions.

Powers and Duties



The board is to conduct matter in a way of reason with regards to circumstance by avoiding conflicts of interests, acting fairy, considering others and following CPA, laws and bylaws.

The board is to follow CPA and bylaw restrictions when conducting duties. The bylaws must remain up to date and updated when needed by special resolution.



The board is to collect fees, manage the reserve fund, determine special assessments and prepare financial documents including an annual budget, report.

The board is to keep the property in service and good repair while managing all condominium property and complying with the public authority.



The board is to ensure the corporation and members have liability and property insurance. Any written request for documentation must be responded to.

The board is to conduct meetings according to the general procedure and in accordance with specific events. A yearly meeting must be held at least every 15 months and a special meeting when required.

The board must act in what is best for the condominium when making decisions. The board must also deal will any dispute in a timly manner.

Dealing with


Their home is
your responsibility

take pride

Their House. Your Responsibilities.

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