Types of Bylaws

Bylaws can cover many different situations, these are the most common types.


Controls if animals are allowed and if approval is necessary. Allow dictated the size and how many.

Age Restrictions

Defines minimum age and if children are allowed.


Color and type of window covering, balcony limitations and entryway artifacts.


Proves guidelines and requirements for doing maintenance in the unit.


Type and size of vehicles that can be parked and visitor parking

Amenity Usage

Maintenace standards, hours of operations and visitor policies.


Rules are an addition to bylaws. They allow for condos to adapt to the need of the tenants as they are easier to change and create.

plant covered condo

How are bylaws created?

When the condo is built the plan is registered and the bylaws in the Condominium Property Regulation apply. These will remain in effect until they are appealed by a special meeting conducted by the board. This meeting is referred to as a special resolution.

How can bylaws change?

If the bylaws do not follow the Condominium Property Act and Regulation board has one year from January 1, 2020, to correct any conflicts. This is done through a standard meeting.

Although condo corporations have the ability to change non-conflicting bylaws or add new ones through a special resolution. They will only become effective once filled will the Land Title office and noted in the condominium additional plan sheet.

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