Condos are required to enforce bylaws as described by the Condominium Property Act. This act gives the right to condo management to deliver monetary sanction to tenants, owners or other occupants that breach the bylaws.


A monetary punishment consists of a fine. The respective bylaw must state the range of the fine that can be charged for breaching the bylaw. Failure to state the amount will nullify the charge.

First Time

500 or below

Second Time+

1000 or below

You can not be charged...

If it restricts the transfer of lease or dealing of units

If it threatens any easements created by the condominium property act


The condo may serve a notice of proposed sanction as a warning. It must include:

  • Unit Number
  • Name
  • Bylaw
  • Date and time
  • Propose section
  • Corrective action and deadline

If the tenant does not comply with the warning a sanction will be delivered with the previous information.

you can not be fined for breaking a condos rule

Failure to Comply

Condos can apply to court if the tenant fails to comply with the sanction. The bylaw being enforced must be filed with 

Titles Office. must be This filing gives the right to the condo corporation to recover the monetary sanctions.

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